General Course Learning Objectives:

These objectives will be referred to as LO followed by a number. 

  1. Identify issues on campus needing attention, as they relate to black students, staff, and faculty
  2. Demonstrate (understanding of) campus advocacy and activism, as related to black lives and experiences
  3. Identify academic, social, and cultural resources available to black students (e.g., faculty, staff, other students, outside of SMC community members, academic support)
  4. Articulate and make efforts to understand varied black experiences, activities, and responses
  5. Express the social and cultural importance of black voices and experiences at SMC and beyond
  6. Develop productive approaches to dialogue about internal factors shaping black relationships and movements
  7. Identify and critique the multiple and varied strategies people use to implement social change
  8. Examine the history and ideologies of a range of influential social movements at SMC

American Diversity Learning Outcomes of the Core Curriculum:

These objectives will be referred to as AD followed by a number. 

  1. Analyze aspects of social diversity (e.g., ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, and political identity) and how they affect society in the United States of America; and
  2. Explain how social categories and structures of power may affect the human person.

Common Good Learning outcomes of the Core Curriculum:

These objectives will be referred to as CD followed by a number. 

  1. Reflect and write substantively on ways in which human beings find fulfillment in community; or
  2. Articulate, in prose or through another communicative medium, a critical account of just social order; or
  3. Demonstrate a capacity for coherent, principled analysis of concrete social problems.